What You Need To Know Before Buying Jewelry On Aliexpress

Aliexpress is AliBaba’s cave of discounted jewelry. You will find absolutely all the jewelry of your dreams , what you often see on vacation in small neighborhood shops, up to copies of designer jewelry.

You will obviously find all types of materials, but the reason for your presence here, probably to determine what reliability and what guarantee you can receive from sellers located in China.

You may also want to know how to find replicas of jewelry known as Pandora. You are not the first to ask me this question, so I decided to make an article about it.

What type of jewelry can we find on Aliexpress?

You will find absolutely everything. It is very difficult not to finally find a piece of jewelry that you will like. There is especially an absolutely colossal choice , and you will realize, if you are in love with costume jewelry, I know probably one of the best sites in the world to buy this kind of jewelry. There is enough There is enough to make you beautiful and match big kisses to any outfit. And above all, it is not expensive. And when I say not expensive, I often speak of a few euro cents, up to 3 or 4 € for example.

In fact, you will understand, the real difficulty is to find jewelry in a specific material. You will be hard pressed to find precious materials like gold or silver. Obviously, all the sellers tell you that their jewelry is gold or silver. But this is totally untrue. Don’t trust them. I strongly advise you never to buy a jewelry in China on the Internet on the basis of the good faith of the person who sells it to you. Gold or silver are written on all the sheets produced. I insist, these are nonsense. You can imagine that it is impossible to find gold jewelry at 1 €. At this price, you might as well buy them, melt them and resell them in ingots.

The quality of Aliexpress jewelry

Since it is not a matter of precious materials, inevitably, these jewels will be more subjected to corrosion than you usual jewels of very good quality. However, the materials have improved significantly in recent years. The jewelry that I received does not really deteriorate compared to that I have at home and which come from large shops. There may be some maintenance to be done here and there to remove some tasks. But overall I am really satisfied. It must be said, that these are costume jewelry. They should not be considered as really serious purchases. At 1 €, you should not expect miracles either. But you will have jewelry to perfect your style, and make you happy.

How to find the best jewelry on Aliexpress?

To go faster, I have prepared a shortcut for you. This shortcut does not promote selling at all over another. It is just a question of highlighting who are the best sellers and the best selling jewelry on Aliexpress.

What are the best jewelry stores?

Same approach as before, I do not favor one seller over another. I just spotted which sellers have the most positive comments and the most sales. These sellers are so effective that they manage to sell several tens or even hundreds of thousands of jewelry per year. Is their level of customer satisfaction that you can order with your eyes closed?

Delivery of your jewelry

Your jewelry will be wrapped so as to go unnoticed by postal workers. Indeed, you don’t necessarily want to draw attention to the contents of the package. This is normal, even if it is costume jewelry, it could still attract lust. The jewelry is wrapped in very basic plastic, usually it arrives without a box.

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