Where is the gold hidden in a smartphone?

By donating your old mobile phone to Mobile Aid, you ensure the proper disposal of your device and the deletion of your data while doing a good deed: the benefit of resale or recycling is donated to SOS Children’s Villages. Processor, speaker, screen, battery: the list of components in a […]

Can we still compare gold to Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and gold share many commonalities. But how far does the similarity go? If we take a close look at Bitcoin – electronic money – at the moment, it’s because its price, denominated in dollars, is breaking new records , like gold in its time (in September 2011 remember ). […]

How to buy gold?

Coins, ingots, bullion, certificates, shares, trackers… Here are the different ways to bet on gold, a thousand-year-old investment that has proven itself over time. Gold is as old as the world. “Its rarity, brilliance and durability have made it the most prestigious precious metal. Some veins are up to two […]